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Konerirajapuram - Lord Natarajar

Sri Appar in his thevaram recites that only people who had done punyam in the past births could come and have darshan of this Nataraja! He also assures that those who had a darshan of Nataraja will be blessed with true devotion of the lord.

The Nataraja Idol is still regarded as a wonder and is kept with lots of security and taken out only once a year for abhishekam during the Arudhra Darshanam day (the day of Thiruvathirai star falling on the month of Margazhi)

Konerirajapuram - Lord Natarajar

Lord Natarajar, Annoor
Azhagiya Koothar Temple, Sepparai
Konerirajapuram - Lord Natarajar
Konerirajapuram - Lord Natarajar
Madurai - Lord Natarajar
Lord Natarajar - Moganoor
Arulmighu Patteeswarar Temple, Peroor
Arulmighu Rathnagireeswarar Temple, Kulithalai
Sarpa Natarajar, Tiruvaasi
Arulmighu Somanatheeswarar Temple, Kolathoor
Lord Natarajar
Lord Natarajar
Tiruvalangadu - Lord Natarajar
Vaanoor - Lord Natarajar

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